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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

Below are the government links released thus far that provide information pertaining to ARRA funding. If you are aware of others, please notify us via the Feedback link above.

In addition to this page, information is also being announced via the CU-ADMIN-RES-L listserv; if you are not already a subscriber details are located at:

Cornell's ARRA Recovery Act Web Site:

Cornell's Director of Federal Relations has summarized the Omnibus bill in a report. The bill provides significant funding increases for research and higher education programs. has prepared a page listing the federal agencies informational Web sites and their participation in the Recovery Act:

Department of Energy:

National Endowment for the Arts:

In addition to the links below, this NIH link encompasses all the Institutes and their challege grant pages:

National Institutes of Health:
(Challenge Grant FAQ page) (NIDDK-specific topics) (Administrative supplements) (Competitive revision applications) (Admin. supplements for summer research experiences for students and science educators) (Research and Research Infrastructure “Grand Opportunities”) (Protection of Human Health by Immunology and Vaccines) (Biomedical Research, Development, and Growth to Spur the Acceleration of New Technologies) (Small Business Catalyst Awards for Accelerating Innovative Research) (Comparative Effectiveness Research Projects) Economics for Nudging the Implementation of Comparative Effectiveness Research: Pilot Research) Directors Opportunity for Research in Five Thematic Areas) Development in Comparative Effectiveness Research)

National Institute of Standards and Technology:

National Science Foundation: Important Notice 131, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 ARRA Frequently Asked Questions

NYSERDA: Energy Conservation Studies


*Limited Submission competitions are announced via the CU-RES-ADMIN-L listserv, which is used to distribute information and instructions regarding Cornell's internal selection process. If you are uncertain whether one of the limited competitions listed above has been announced to the CU community, please contact Elaine LaRocque, or 5-2949.