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Who is my GCO?

For help, please contact OSP at 607-255-5014 or Staff e-mail and phone numbers can be found on the OSP Staff Directory page.

For multi-sponsored projects contact the Grant and Contract Officer supporting the primary sponsor.

If you need an outgoing subaward (i.e., a portion of the work related to your sponsored project is to be performed by another entity), please contact Gayle Fagan at This mailbox is monitored daily.

If you have an incoming Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) please send email to For Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) please contact

Centers of Expertise

  • Federal (including):
    • National Laboratories (federal and non-federal)
    • Universities/Colleges - Subawards received from another university or college
    • Weill Cornell Medical College
  • States and Foundations (including):
    • New York State and Other States
    • Foundations
    • Other Non-Profits
  • Industry (including):
    • Foreign Government
    • Data Use Agreements


These sponsors are organized alphabetically

If your sponsor is not listed please contact the relevant Center of Expertise.

GCO Directory

  • Directory of GCOs and the sponsor areas covered.