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Education & Training

Ongoing Training

Research Administration Round Tables

Previous Round Table events are listed below. Please be advised that the content may no longer be current. Round Table presentations (PPT hyperlink) are included for downloading. Audio recordings are also available for a limited number of sessions. If you are interested in listening to a recording, please contact
Chris Brown.

  • May 2016
  • Apr 2016
  • Mar 2016
  • Feb 2016
    Navigating the NIH Public Access Policy
  • Jan 2016
    New Form 10 and Non-Financial Form
  • Jan 2016
    NIH Changes to Policies, Instructions and Forms
  • Dec 2015
    PI Dashboard Introduction
  • Nov 2015
    The New NSF PAPPG
  • Oct 2015
    Cost Sharing and Sponsored Project
  • Sep 2015
    The Anatomy of a Funding Opportunity – They aren’t all Built Alike
  • Aug 2015
    MyBibliography and SciENcv for NIH Public Access Policy Compliance
  • Jul 2015
    Supplier Diversity at Cornell (MBE/WBE)
  • Jun 2015
    Research Dashboards
  • May 2015
    Exploring the Contents of the Current and Pending Form
  • Apr 2015
    Research Administration – What’s it all about!
  • Mar 2015
    Reporting External Financial Interests and Commitments
  • Feb 2015
    Interpreting Award Documents

External Training

OSP Main > Education & Training