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Form 10: Internal Academic Approval of Sponsored Programs

The Form 10 is the internal academic approval form for sponsored programs. The Form should be completed and submitted with all proposals. OSP will accept a signed scanned Form 10 and does not need the original paper document. The current version is dated March 4, 2013. If you are using a previous version, please download the form below.

When does OSP Require a Form 10?

  • For all new proposals, including pre-proposals
  • For any change in PI
  • For all changes in the scope of work
  • Whenever there are any changes in compliances, including those no longer applicable
  • For all budget revisions that increase the original budget
  • For all supplemental funding requests
  • To enter into a non-disclosure agreement and /or a teaming agreement

Why does OSP Require a Form 10?

Form 10 serves multiple functions. First, it provides OSP with information on when and where to submit the proposal and key information about the proposed project (duration, amount requested, etc.). Second, it provides the university's compliance units with certification data (e.g., animal use, conflict of interest, etc.). And lastly, it allows Departments and Colleges to review and approve, by signing, commitments of resources made by their investigators.

The Principal Investigator and all co-PIs are responsible for signing the Form 10 and by doing so, certify that they will be responsible for the conduct of the research or other activity supported.

  • When the PI and co-PIs are in different academic units, all respective Department Chairs/Directors/Deans must sign the Form 10.
  • When the Department/Center administering the project is different from the PI's home department, signatures on the Form 10 are required from the Department Chairs/Directors/Deans of both academic units.

Some units and sponsors may require an addendum to the Form 10 for proposals. Follow the instructions below. If you have any questions about the requirements, contact your College or unit's administrative staff.


The National Institutes of Health requires Cornell to maintain a Principal Investigator Assurance. This Form 10 addendum must be used for each NIH proposal or approval request.

NIH - Individual NRSA

The National Institutes of Health requires Cornell to maintain Fellow and Sponsor(s) Assurances. This Form 10 addendum must be reviewed and signed by the Fellow and the Sponsor(s), and returned to the Office of Sponsored Programs when an Ruth L. Kirchstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) grant application is submitted.

College of Arts and Sciences

If the proposed project includes course buy-out, faculty leave, reduced F&A (less than Cornell's full rate), cost-sharing,or any of the resources included in the "Other Resources" section, the Form 10 must also be routed, in advance of submission to OSP, to the Director of Finance in the College for review and approval at the College Dean's level. Any of these circumstances should be discussed with the PI's Department Chair and Senior Associate Dean well in advance of the proposal dealdine.

College of Engineering

If the proposal is $3 million or more, incorporates College or University cost-sharing (excluding 50% GRA tuition), it must be discussed in advance with the Associate Dean for Research, Graduate Studies and Professional Education in the College of Engineering. His/her signature is then required on the Form 10 before forwarding to OSP.