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NIH Commons

Office of Sponsored Programs

The Commons is a system that provides alternative means by which grantee organizations can communicate with the NIH electronically for the purposes of extramural research administration. To use the NIH Commons Cornell faculty and staff first need to register and have a password assigned. To register for a password go to the Password Registration page. Please allow up to four days for your password to be activated. Some of the current features of the Commons are:

  • Status — Allows Principal Investigators to review the current status of all their grant applications and review detailed information associated with their grants. Institution Officials (i.e., Signing Official (SO) or Administrative Official (AO) associated with the institution) can see a summary view of grant applications, review the Notice of Grant Award, and access the Progress Report face page.
  • Just-In-TimeWithin Status, users will find a feature to submit Just-In-Time information when requested by the NIH. NIH policy allows the submission of certain elements of a competing application to be deferred. Through this module, institutions can electronically submit the information that is requested after the review, but before award.
  • No-Cost ExtensionWithin Status, users will find a feature to automatically extend grants that are eligible for a one-time extension of the final budget period of a project period without additional NIH funds through the eRA Commons. The system will automatically change the end date for the grant and notify the appropriate NIH staff.
  • eSNAP — Allows an institution to review non-competing grant data and submit a progress report online.
  • Internet Assisted Review (IAR) — Allows reviewer to submit critiques and preliminary scores for applications they are reviewing. Allows Reviewers, SRAs, and GTAs to view all critiques in preparation for a meeting. IAR creates a preliminary summary statement body containing submitted critiques for the SRA or GTA.
  • Administration — Provides the ability for an institution to create and manage user accounts associated with its institution. Additionally, it allows the institution's Signing Official (SO) to maintain the institution information on file at the NIH.
  • Demo FacilityDemo Facility allows you to try most of the capabilities of the NIH eRA Commons in a sample environment.

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides detailed training in the Commons.  To schedule a training session, contact Tammy Custer.

NIH Commons Information

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Commons eSNAP Guide
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