Information is public and transferable without a license when it is already published or will be published in electronic or hard copy, through:

  1. Results from fundamental research;
  2. Libraries open to the public, including most university libraries;
  3. Publication in periodicals, books, print, unrestricted subscriptions, or electronic or other media that are available for general distribution to any member of the public for a reasonable cost;
  4. Published patents;
  5. Published patent applications, as long as the information does not concern a spacecraft or other military item or a component specifically designed or modified for such;
  6. Open conferences, seminars, meetings, trade shows, exhibitions in the United States only (if the information pertains to ITAR-controlled items), which are generally accessible to the public for a fee reasonably related to the cost, and where attendees may take notes and leave with notes;
  7. Websites that are free and accessible to the public, without the host's knowledge or control of who visits the site or downloads software/information.