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Department of Energy

  • Statutory Authority: Atomic Energy Act 1954, as amended; Energy Reorganization Act of 1974; and the Department of Energy Organization Act of 1977
  • Regulations: 10 CFR 810
  • Scope: nuclear technology, technical data for nuclear weapons and special nuclear materials.
  • Examples of Items Controlled: activities involving nuclear reactors and other nuclear fuel cycle facilities for specific activities; production of heavy water, zirconium, nuclear-grade graphite or reactor-grade beryllium; production of reactor-grade uranium from yellowcake; and certain uranium milling activities.
  • Examples of Activities Requiring Specific Authorization: providing sensitive nuclear technology for an activity in any foreign country; engaging in or providing assistance or training in specified activities to a foreign country, for example, designing, constructing, fabricating, operating or maintaining production reactors, accelerator-driven subcritical assembly systems; components especially designed, modified or adapted for use in for production reactors or accelerator-driven subcritical assembly systems; major critical components for use in such reactors or production-scale facilities; or research reactors, test reactors or subcritical assemblies capable of continuous operation above five megawatts thermal.
  • National Nuclear Security Administration website; Office of Nuclear Energy website