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Current Regulations

Export Control Laws and Regulations

"Export Controls" are federal laws and regulations that govern the transfer or disclosure of goods, technology, software, services, and funds originating from the United States to persons or entities in foreign countries OR to non-U.S. persons, even if located in the U.S. The Export Controls Office, along with General Counsel's Office, provide support for University activities subject to the three primary export control regulations listed below.

Other Federal Agencies with Export Control Authority

Although Departments of State, Commerce & Treasury are the primary agencies with export control authority for technology, associated non-public information, and services, there are other agencies that have authority over other types of goods and materials. The agencies listed below are examples, not a comprehensive list:

This is not a comprehensive list of all US export control regulations; additional laws and regulations exist, but typically university activities will not involve data, goods or services under their jurisdiction. The Export Controls Office provides consultative expertise with EAR, ITAR and trade sanction regulations, and will assist researchers in contacting the appropriate cognizant agency for other regulations.

If you have comments or questions, please contact Sarah Schlagter, Export Controls Officer, at 607-255-5284 (