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Research on Campus

Export control laws have the potential to substantially impact research on the Cornell University campus. If research involves specified technologies, the EAR and/or ITAR may require prior federal approval before allowing foreign nationals to participate in the research, before partnering with a foreign company, or before sharing research results in any manner (including by publication or presentation at conferences) with persons who are not U.S. citizens or permanent resident aliens.

Export regulations apply whether or not the recipient is funded by a grant, contract, or other agreement, and apply whether or not the EAR or ITAR are cited in the award document. If a researcher accepts export-controlled technology or information from a government agency or from industry, the researcher is subject to ITAR or EAR regulations.

Most Cornell research activities are excluded from export controls because of the exception known as “fundamental research” under the export control regulations. By not accepting any restriction on publication or the appointment of foreign nationals to the research, Cornell protects the fundamental research exemption.

See also Fundamental Research and Publication.