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Research Outside of the United States

Items and technology originating outside the U.S. become subject to U.S. export controls when in the U.S.  This means that results of research outside the U.S., even if conducted by non-U.S. persons, could become ITAR-controlled or EAR-controlled in the U.S.  This could potentially restrict the U.S. research intending to use them and possibly requiring authorization to export from the U.S.

Research in the scope of the ITAR is not fundamental when it takes place outside “accredited institutions of higher learning in the U.S.”  Research conducted by a Cornell researcher outside the U.S. would not be considered fundamental research if the technology is within the scope of the ITAR.  Therefore, the results produced by U.S. researchers outside the U.S. would be subject to ITAR controls. 

Research in the scope of the EAR is not presumed to be fundamental as it would be if university-based research, but still qualifies as fundamental at the point where there are no restrictions on publication.