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Sponsored Agreements

The Office of Sponsored Programs performs a thorough review of all proposals and agreements to assist in determining export control risks, and works to remove any language which is in direct conflict with the University’s performance of Fundamental Research.

In addition, OSP performs Restricted Party Screening on all individuals and entities named in a proposal (who are participating in the research), prior to release of an award.

During the proposal and agreement review process, OSP looks for:

  1. any reference to U.S. export regulations
  2. restriction of non-U.S. entity participation based on country of origin
  3. restricted access to project information
  4. receipt of proprietary information
  5. publication restrictions (including sponsor approval to publish)
  6. foreign travel
  7. international collaborations
  8. international shipment of equipment or materials
  9. payments to or from OFAC restricted locations

The above list includes indicators that the work may be subject to export control laws.  The final determination of the applicability of the regulations depends on the specific details and the specific technology involved in the research.  The Grant & Contract Officer and Export Contols Officer will work with the PI to assess the applicability of export control laws to the work.