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Visiting Scholars

Foreign National Visitors to campus should be screened against the denied entity and SDN lists.  International Scholars and students visiting on J-1 VISAS as well as non-students and visiting faculty should be screened to ensure they, nor their affiliated institution are not included in any U.S. Government lists who are prohibited access to certain materials and data of US origin.

Foreign visitors, regardless of length of stay, who will collaborate or participate in University research or training in the biological or physical sciences, engineering, mathematics, information security (including encryption), software development, or related technologies and fields, whether or not the collaboration occurs within the scope of a sponsored research agreement, must also undergo screening.

Screening is not required for students who have applied, been accepted and/or are enrolled in any degree granting program that Cornell University offers.
Screening is not required for foreign visitors who provide documentation they hold permanent resident alien status in the U.S. (i.e., hold a green card) or have been granted asylum or refugee status by the U.S.