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Do not Register! Cornell is registered as institution. Individuals do not need a DUNS number or CCR registration if submitting through the University.

  • In order to use, users will first need to make sure they have an acceptable version of Adobe software which is required by The acceptable versions can be found at: The software should be installed by anyone who might be working on a proposal submission. The completed file is the entire application, as opposed to systems such as FastLane, where forms are completed on-line.
  • Each application package is specific to a particular program and cannot be used to apply to another opportunity or program. The Find feature in is used to search and identify a particular program to which an application will be submitted. By clicking the Apply for Grant Electronically, the application package is downloaded from
  • The application package provides specific instructions and guidance on how to complete the application package. It is very important to follow the instructions so that an application is accepted by There are certain important steps to follow:
    • Complete all of the fields that are highlighted. If a highlighted field contains a question that does not apply, enter either a zero (for numeric fields) or N/A (for text fields).
    • For the Application Filing Name in the opening sections - this is a free-form field but we recommend you enter the PI's last name and part of the project title.
    • For the SF424(R&R) forms, the Applicant Information is Cornell University, 373 Pine Tree Road, Ithaca, NY, 14850-2820.
    • Cornell's DUNS number is 872612445.
    • The person to be contacted should be your Grant and Contract Officer (GCO) in the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).
    • Cornell's EIN is 150532082. For NIH it is 1150532082A4.
    • Cornell's U.S. Congressional District is the NY-23 for both Ithaca and Geneva.
    • Cornell's Authorized Organizational Representative will be your Grant and Contract Officer (GCO) as listed above.

Be sure to complete all of the forms in the Mandatory Box by moving them to the Mandatory Box for Submission. If there are optional forms, move the forms to the Optional Documents for Submission for completion.

Click the Verify Package button and make sure no errors are returned. Correct all errors until a no error message is received. The Save button saves the final copy of the proposal. If the application is revised, these steps must be repeated. Even though the Submit button will become active, only Authorized Organizational Representatives are allowed to submit the proposal.

  • The PI can send the electronic copy of the proposal to the GCO by sending the file as an e-mail attachment or using Cornell's Electronic DropBox.
  • OSP will submit the proposal through, at which time OSP will receive an automatic comfirmation page. This will list the date and time of submission to The submission will generate a series of e-mails containing the tracking number and other important information. These e-mails will confirm that: (a) the application was received by and assigned a tracking number, (b) the application was validated by, (c) the application was retrieved by the grantor agency, and (d) the application was reviewed by the grantor agency and assigned an agency tracking number. These e-mails will be forwarded to the PI (or designated contact) in one email once they are all received. It is important to note that all of these e-mails from both and the grantor agency may take up to 24 hours to receive.
  • Once the proposal has been accepted by the agency, the proposal no longer resides in Agency-specific systems such as NSF's FastLane and NIH Commons can be queried for proposal status.
  • As is a rapidly expanding system you should expect possible problems with the proposal development and submission process. We strongly encourage researchers to 1) start proposal development early, 2) notify their GCO of the pending proposal submission; and 3) have the application package and Form 10 to the Office of Sponsored Programs at least 5 business days before deadline.


A feature in that is very helpful is the Help feature. If the agency has incorporated this feature for use with their forms, you can scroll over any field box and it will tell you the definition of the box and what is being required by the agency.

Contact Information

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t: 607-255-5014
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